The development project is structured in five activities. The first 2 activities are preparatory actions, while the following 3 tasks are implementation activities. The first task of the project is focused on stakeholders consultation and the identification of the improvements for the tool, whose first development was carried out in the framework of Basque Government’s GAITEK funding programme. Furthermore, new biofuels and propulsion methods will be incorporated to make the application more versatile. Once the improvements have been identified, the aim of the following preparatory activity will be the design and validation of new technical and functional specifications.

In the implementation phase, the first task will be the development and validation of the application. Once the software is validated, the pilot experiences will be designed and executed with the collaboration of the two user organizations involved in the project (Cespa and Bilbao City Council). The last implementation activity will be focused on the results analysis and optimization of the tool.

In addition to the activities described, the project has other complementary actions will be developed: monitoring the environmental, economic and social impacts, dissemination and management.