The transport sector is considered to be responsible for a quarter of EU carbon dioxide emissions. Road transportation is the sector that has had the highest increase of CO2 emissions. In order to efficiently reduce greenhouse emissions, the sector needs substantial changes in order to reduce its fossil fuel consumption. Promoting energy efficiency and alternative fuels for road transport is particularly vital. According to an evaluation of the EU’s Scientific and Technological Option Assessment Committee, biofuels could be one of the best short and mid-term replacement options. Identifying viable alternatives to gasoline and diesel would reduce energy security challenges and the economic costs related with the current dependency on imported oil.

The main objective of the Biolca project is to demonstrate a web-based tool for evaluating and improving the sustainability of road transportation based on life-cycle analysis (LCA) which analyzes the environmental, economic and social impacts.

This workshop will allow participant to learn about this tool, will provide two case studies, and will include discussion on the main challenges facing public administrations on this matter.


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